EMM Practitioner Course

Based on detailed research and feedback, Equus Muscle Management now offer students what we believe to be the leading hands on muscle release therapy training courses that are now available.

Equus Muscle Management provides training in the techniques involved with EMM treatment for horse owners, riders and therapists looking to expand their specialist skills.

This course gives new insights, instruction and techniques that enable practitioners to get quick changes to horses they work on, enabling them to advance their assessment skills, which is key to knowing how to release a pain or restriction.

The whole practitioner training will take a minimum of 14 Months to complete, and will include extra elective days teaching the basics of barefoot trimming, saddle fit & equine dentistry to enable you to be comfortable advising clients of problems in these areas.

At the successful completion of the course the student will be able to set up as an EMM therapist, and work under the agreement of the horses Vet.

Each course is 2 days long with a minimum of 4 weeks between each level, you will need time to practice your new skills between levels so there is always a gap between courses.



EMM Level 1 – Introductory Course


EMM Level 2

Please note: You must have completed the EMM Level 1 Introductory Course before you attend this course.


EMM Level 3

Please note: You must have completed the EMM Level 2 Course before you can attend this course.

EMM Level 4

Please note: To attend practitioner days you must have completed upto EMM Level 4.

Revision of previous Levels...


Case Study Forms... There are 10 case studies per Level EMM Case Study Forms

Please Note: All students will need to be insured as an equine student before their first training weekend. This is available from Balens (www.balens.co.uk) or Towergate (www.towergateinsurance.co.uk) amongst others.